Centralised 1.9 Issue Thread

Please post any issues you have.

Staff: This thread is public! If it’s sensitive, use the Elevated Reports forum which is staff-only.


[ul][li]Spawn books are broken[/li]
[li]Voting links don’t award in-game money[/li]
[li]Creative/Bigcity inventories linked[/li]
[li]Potion chest shops not working e.g. 373:8229 for instant heal Tier II - Says ‘shop is out of stock’[/li]
[li]Player heads not working - only spawning notch heads[/li]
[li]Homes show on dynmap[/li]
[li]Server not broadcasting warnings before server restarts[/li][/ul]

Those are warps, not homes, and I believe that was an intentional addition.

No, all homes on all worlds and warps appeared on the dynmap. Andy fixed it, so now only warps appear, no longer homes.

Sorry, homes were appearing on the Dynmap and that was an initial side effect of adding warp markers to the map. That’s all fixed now

We aren’t receiving warnings in-game before restarts anymore. Should be as simple as re-enabling them in MCMyAdmin.

The normal ones were still there, but we had another one saying to restart every 2 hours if ram usage was over x amount. With the new way it’s set up, mcmyadmin will always read ram usage as 100% even if it isn’t, so it kept triggering that event. I’ve removed that one and added in a couple other restarts so it should restart every 6 hours, with warnings 15 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute prior.

Dunno if this is much of a issue but C-BC Inventories are linked, Yesterday my creative inventory glitched into survival, was fixed by going back to creative and then to survival

Just added a few things to the list ^

There’s no way to get beetroot in survival, since all villages have already been loaded in 1.7 XD

I want beetroot :frowning: XD

I know…

I think if players wanted to have access to beetroot, we could make an exception and a member of the staff could spawn 2 or 3 beetroot seeds for them, and then they could build their beetroot farm from there. Just because, like you said, there’s no way to get it…

This is a quite serious problem:
I’ve unbanned a player twice now and their name still is on the banlist now.
They were unbanned till (I’m assuming) the next restart? I have no idea.

Sorry, I noticed that problem this morning and fixed it. It’ll be fixed on next reboot but you’ll have to reunban them. If you give me their usernames I can manually unban them

Never mind, I just checked and it’s already working. The Ban List page doesn’t hide ‘inactive’ bans yet, so if you’ve unbanned them in-game just assume they’re unbanned for now.

The beetroot thing is kinda fixed. Turns out they spawn in End City chests too, but End Cities are mighty hard to find if you’re a member.

We could always spawn in some and build a farm at spawn, or set up an admin shop.

Maybe try using the new 1.8 command:
/give [User] minecraft:coarse_dirt

Use the minecraft:[Item] for the shop commands. Maybe that will fix it.

-The long lost Anty

/money doesn’t work…
Error: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.

Never mind :smiley: Wolfiea already reported it my bad haha