Catch all the griefers!

Since I joined the server I have seen a lot of ppl join and start griefing around creative spawn…

I thought that it may be a good idea to create a Special area around creative spawn where we can catch griefers easier. Like make a Big solid easy build around spawn where we can easily see them griefing after checking every now and then Instead of all these random buildings which would also make the area around creative spawn look more Inviting.

I think the problem we currently have is that creative spawn is an island in the middle of nowhere. People who ignore the button warps just build over the ocean as soon as they can. What we really need is a new creative map. A new spawn at least.

I like that idea =D

We need something like the classic lobby so its legacy can live on!

I have a lot of experience building spawns on the classic server, I could definetly help out with that when the time comes. Also, we REALLY, REALLY do need a new creative map. It’s pretty cluttered, the spawn… is in the middle of nowhere, and the places the button warps take you, are filled to the brim with more clutter. xD

So… what is this suggestion then? A griefer trap or a new Creative spawn?

I enjoy that we’re getting many more suggestions but try to make my job easier by not throwing in different suggestions in one thread. If you have a different suggestion then make a new thread. Don’t worry about suggestion spam, I welcome it.

Actually, a lobby for the creative server is not a bad idea. It would be able to “mount” portals the same way that our current classic server has portals. Each gate would warp to a different area or town. Perhaps they can follow a theme for some of them? Clear areas very like how classic works?

I know we have a guestbuild area and an exact replica of classic’s guest map (though larger). Are we thinking of converting creative into classic’s style?

i actually rather like that idea, but how hard and strenuous would it be on the server to do something like this?

Well special can blow up about 30k tnt without crashing XD

Personally, I think the spawn needs a make over. I don’t really mind what it looks like but I think that:

  1. It should be more open, like a proper massive building. Not just a small gazebo in a desert.

  2. As animangastar mention, even the places where the button warps take you are completely clustered and I think there needs to be a bigger protected zone (not a huge one) around each of the warps so that the horrible sight of grief isn’t immediate.

That’s just my opinion. And btw I am willing to help build anything that needs building if necessary. :slight_smile:

[size=3.95em]AHEM. ^^^^^^^^^

Edit: Well we have a new creative spawn and this idea hasn’t gained any other attention, therefor it’s denied.