Case Problems

New PC blah blah. Only problem is the case. It’s an ATX motherboard, but every case I have found is wayyyy to deep for my desk. I have ~47cm depth, and everything I’ve found is in the 50cm range. Does anybody have any good case suggestions?

(Pwetty lights is not a must have, but a bonus. I also need room for 2 3.5" drives.)

I like this, there is too different ways of looking at this issue,

  1. Case stretches too far back, get diffrent case. (octo)

  2. Case stretches too far back, get new table (me) XD

I guess a trip to the land of free pencils and Swedish Meatballs is in order.

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A trip to Ikea should always be in order. Get the lingonberry juice this time. You won’t regret it :slight_smile:

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<—Doesnt know what Ikea is

It’s a furniture store…


This sums it up pretty well:

EDIT: Oh that’s why Fatso likes IKEA. You get All(e/a)n wrenches.

How the fuck do you not know what Ikea is?

Dem allen wrench yall, Also ive never shopped at ikea XD
I got my table and chair here!