Carpe Diem II Has Been Finished

For those of you who don’t know, me and italianchild embarked on an epic build on June 30th, 2012. This build was Carpe Diem II. Home of the Church of the Holy Grohlisim, it’s a massive build. There are a few things I would like to add, but overall it’s done. One year later, it’s finally done. If anyone would like to go see it, it has it’s own warp at /warp carpediemii. I would like to take the time to thank everyone who helped me build this, because it wouldn’t have gotten done without any of your help and support. Well, I believe that’s all I have to say. So enjoy!

Well it certainly took you long enough!

It’s looking great, I’ll take some pics with shaders later :slight_smile:

I checked it out just a few minutes ago. That is one hell of a build!

I wish I contributed more to this build… But I am forever lazy and a dumby.

But still I just went on to check it out with the shaders mod and omgg is it amazing looking! I love it! Great job jet and ital <3

Wait you guys finished it? I didnt think ital finished anything? Like ever… XD either way. Awesome job!



I think i trolled the builders while they were building it last year. Or placed blocks and helped in the tiniest way possible…

Just dont check underneth it…i do believe there is tnt.