carnifex2012 - 9th of January, 2015


Minecraft Username carnifex2012

Date of Ban 9th of January, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by unknown

Reason for Ban not listed but: annoying and spam

Reason to be Unbanned I have raged before and that is usual.
I am sick and am very grumpy.
My usual attitude is:quiet.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
3rd of January, 2015

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You didn’t use your words when I asked you what the matter was. You said that someone took your stuff and didn’t give it back, and then I asked whether the player had killed you or not. You responded with “***** ********* *** *****.” In addition, this altercation happened after two kicks within the last 2 minutes. You were kicked because you spammed multiple times, saying “PLSPLSPLSPLSPLS” and things like this.

I can’t make a decision here, Carnifex, so we’ll have to wait until Niko gives his input.


i would rather a better excuse than “I’m grumpy” or “I’m sick”, because even tho that may be so, that is still not an excuse to repetitively spam chat after being warned to stop more than once.

You were kicked and warned by three separate staff members to stop spamming and for being rude. What you displayed was not sickness or rage; it was point blank rudeness and disrespect for other people. Get your act together, make a better ban appeal, and perhaps you will be considered to play one the server.

Shit appeal. Ive had to already kick you as madant said. You are just downright rude and dont seem fit to even be allowed on the server

I would also like to add that your last ban appeal was, again, downright rude.

I am going to give you 12 hours to make a proper appeal with a reason that isn’t shit that states why i should unban you, or you will remain banned.

Carnifex managed to get onto server and messaged Javi
seems like ban not working properly

I don’t mean to butt in where I’m not exactly needed but I looked at his original appeal and seemed like a it was more of a confused player posting in the wrong section, sometimes you have to expect small mistakes like this. Unless I missing something?

also joshua, please refrain from posting on ban appeals your not actually involved in

Yeah sorry, just wanted to point out…

@Emfitty It wasn’t a ban appeal. When the whitelist came on, he thought as though he was banned.


your time given to respond is up, not unbanning. Locked.