Capture The Flag Weekend

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This weekend is capture the flag weekend! Join us as two teams battle it out on our newly designed map ctf_creeper. There will be three matches, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday. Let us know what times suit you best.

(USA players remember that daylight savings ends on Sunday morning)


05:00pm PDT USA - Friday 4th November (GMT-7)
07:00pm CDT USA - Friday 4th November (GMT-5)
08:00pm EDT USA - Friday 4th November (GMT-4)
12:00am GMT - Saturday 5th November
11:00am AEDT AUS - Saturday 5th November (GMT+11)

03:00pm PDT USA - Saturday 5th November (GMT-7)
05:00pm CDT USA - Saturday 5th November (GMT-5)
06:00pm EDT USA - Saturday 5th November (GMT-4)
10:00pm GMT - Saturday 5th November
09:00am AEDT AUS - Sunday 6th November (GMT+11)


Warp to /warp ctf to go to the war lobby. From there you will be auto assigned teams. Each player is given a sword, a bow and 32 arrows. The objective is to take the flag from the enemies base and return it to your own. One point is scored for successfully capturing the flag. Each team has 10 lives, and when these lives are exhausted the other team is awarded one point. The first team to 10 points win a diamond for each player on the winning team.

Your team spawn point

There are three monuments on the map. When you are near a captured monument you can be healed (jump when near it). Take the wool off your head and place it in the monument.

One of three monuments on the map

To capture the enemies flag, destroy the wool block on top of their base. Take this block and run it to your own flag to score a point.

The flag


  • Your inventory will be stored when you go through the portal. You do not need to store them before you play
  • To leave the game type in /leave
  • To see the teams or the score type in /teams
  • Do not fly
  • Games can only be started by an admin

Can we have a group photo in the map before the game starts with our wool heads please? lol

Yay!!! I’ve wanted to do this forever :smiley:
I may only be there Friday though :frowning:

No way. Capture the flag in Minecraft? I’m so in. As for times, I could be there Saturday.

Times, can you move it back 2 hours for either just the saturday and sunday ones or all of them. Then I can play xD

OH this sounds like tons of fun! i can prob play all 3 days XD

Times seem good for me at the moment :smiley:

i cant play =[ going camping this weekend

It seems I can make it to all of them. I am in the -8 timezone so the first one on Friday is at 6pm. I get off work at 5pm that day.

As for Sunday, I should be able to run the game at any time. We need to figure out when most players can make it. I would like to have a full 20 players try the game.

Ruby, we may run the Sunday one earlier so you can make it. I don’t know about Sat.

Actually… I’m not sure if I can make friday or saturday… Friday (saturday here) I have a guitar lesson, and saturday (sunnday here) I will probably oversleep… I will try and join when I can xD For the sunday (you guessed it, Monday here!) Could we make it so its after 4GMT if possible?

I can’t wait to play. Probably gonna play all the games. ;D

Just for clarity, 12am always means 12 MIDNIGHT

ill probably be able to do friday and saturday

so psyced could we bring this to 1.9 map???

In that case, I can’t play :frowning:

Thats why i asked for the move forward on sat + sun :stuck_out_tongue: I might play fri just cos my birthday’s on saturday :slight_smile:

Really? My bday is tomorrow, on Friday :smiley:

Anyway I’ll most likely be able to play on Saturday.

UK/Europe players, let me know what time you would like the Sunday game (that one is going to be run for you).

Birthday Bash CTF :smiley:

Happy birthday goof :stuck_out_tongue:

anywhere between 12 - 4 GMT would be best :stuck_out_tongue: But up to 9, depending how long it would go on for, so we can ensure we can stay for the whole match.

Isnt that 12am-4am in the morning?