Can't log in to Creative & Survival

Hey, I’m trying to log in to the Survival & Creative server, entering that as the name and as the address, and it keeps saying I “Can’t connect to server.” Is there something stupid and obvious I should be doing? I’ve never played on another server before and I can’t find an answer in the other threads here.

is your minecraft in 1.7.2? the server is still in 1.6.4 because Bukkit(the program to help multiplayer servers) is not ready yet. You can change easily your minecraft version if you make a new profile in your launcher.
make sure you got a legal minecraft version

Else it could have been that minecraft itself was down which you can always check here:

(atm login is down)

Yup! The version was the problem, and now it works. Thanks!

no problem glad I could help =)