cant go on minecraft!!

Please help i have been wanting to play on project city build and i cant go on it. I couldn’t go on the server so i deleted minecraft and downloaded it again at i went on the website it said Under Construction. Please tell me why this is. I hoe to see you soon on the server.
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Ok, first are you trying to connect to Andys server or Fatso’s ?
Second are you banned?
3rd can you explain whats happening in as much detail as you can please :slight_smile:

4th dont nick my beds agian without asking, i would of said yes if u asked :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I do skype calls with him, so i think i might know enough. He tries to connect to Andy’s server, he can’t connect to the minecraft website (It says its under construction) He can’t go on any other server, all he can do now is SP

P.S. He stole your bed?! LOL


That is because no server is compatible with 1.5 yet (except for Vanilla servers, but no one uses that). You’ll just have to wait

Well, I’m out of luck too then. My client auto updates which means I will have to wait a bit. Oh well, more Dragon Age.

hey if you can’t wait this might help

it will tell you how to downgrade to 1.4_01 :wink:

Considering this section of the forum is for SMP, it’s safe to assume he meant Andy’s server.

There’s no reason to freak out about not getting online. Remember, the server has to update when Minecraft updates because updated clients aren’t compatible with previous versions.

Also, if you’re really losing your mind about not being able to join the server, you might need to spend some time away from your computer. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful days. You only have 1 life you know, unless you believe in reincarnation or something.