Cant do anything

I just signed up to this server and then logged in, but when I logged in I couldn’t do anything. I couldent build or destroy thing in survival or build something (far from spawn) in creative. I asked the current player on the server (Jakoba99) and he helped me very much, he tried what he had the power to do, but in the end he said I should probably speak to an admin. My tag is still “Guest” even though I signed up. If somebody could help me out that would be great! Thanks!

Wait until tomorrow (November 29th) and try again. Mainly because the server restarts at midnight PST i think…

Please let us know if you got promoted correctly. I am unsure if the website is syncing correctly for new players.

Websites not syncing…forgot about that.

I did not, even after the restart I cant do anything. Still marked as guest and I did my name and register and everything right

Ya the website got DDoS’d and atm nothing is synced

Is there a way for admins to promote someone manually? Like how they promote people to donator, mod, op, etc.?

That is always done through the website too… I don’t know if it still works, but there was a command I could use to manually add someone to the list on the server. Spec does not like it being done, as it would normally clash with the web settings, but maybe it is needed once more.

I want to try it with the player online. Perhaps someone can message me on steam when he is on and wants to try?

I can’t think of any reason why it would make things go terribly wrong. If it is failing to sync (which implies you can change something on either end and it will carry over), surely the sync plugin will just promote the user the same way an admin would.