Can't create a forum account?

I have had complaints about people not able to create a forum account. If you are having trouble, try these suggestions:

a. Wait for the SMP/CMP public release. A lot of website fixes will occur.

b. Make sure your email DOES NOT have a “.” in it. e.g. email"."[email protected]
instead have it as: [email protected].

c. Ask a SMP/CMP Operator (not classic operator) to register you, they need your email, and they will give you your password in-game.

Staff - Use This Link to learn how to create an account for players.

If none of these work, try again later.

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Er… why is this sticked exactly?

No offence sword, but this is exactly what Nek is trying to clean up right now. I know you’re trying to be helpful, but I don’t think this one needs to be stickied. The WoM one was good though.

Unstickying due to my added point.

Feel free to delete this post, but I can see why this should be stickied. I too, have heard many people complain that they can’t create an account.

This should fall under the “Project City Build - Tutorials / Help” section. This is a website issue, not a classic issue alone.

But with the website fixes this issue will be resolved. There won;t be a need for it after that.

True, but it is relevant until then.

Moved To PCB Tut/Help