Can't Connect?

Hi, every time i try to connect to pcb through my launcher, it gives me this error:
Connection Lost
Response Code: 503 for URL: http://ww
What does this mean?

It may mean you probably tried to connect while the server was rebooting. Keep trying!

Okay, its good now, thanks

it seems to be down, this time the error is
Failed to connect to server
Connection refused: connect.

I couldnt connect today either.

My guess is someone reset the server manually and made a mistake. It will be up once Andy or Special notice.

Nope. Occasionaly the server will crash from saving or somthing. And just for the record I got up at 8 so it was not me

Are none of you able to boot it back up with the remote?

Back up anyway

Yeah, I had no idea what caused it. It’s so rare that I see it down at all.

Sorry Andy, I did not try the remote fix. I assumed it would not respond if it was already off.