Can't Buy Minecraft in Illinois!

Due to legal issues (not stated) you can no longer buy minecraft in Illinois! One of my friends bought mc less than a week ago – and then another tried to buy last night and was given that message… =(


That sucks, so they wont let you purchase minecraft in illinois? That must have been a pretty bad thing to make them do that.

Nope =/

I wonder what happened to make them stop taking purchases from Illinois. ???

Lol switched my visa zipcode to kentucky! See if this works nao

Good thing we live in Texas eh Myth. :b

That… is hilarious. LOL

However, if changing your ZIP doesn’t work, try using PayPal.

You can either have a friend buy it, or take a great risk and use a proxy/tor.

fuck card got shut off for 24 hours because of that stupid thing >.<

Whaaattt the fuck?

We’ll luckily i have this account so this doesnt concern me. BUT IT DOES TO MY FRIENDS sad face

As has been said, use PayPal. It’s more secure and it might work.

Ouch! MC costs that much now? I know I was late for the $5 version, but I believe I got it for $10. Glad I got it early then.

I’m surprised you would even know Tor. I use tor now to get around the country blocks on file hosting sites.

Who said anything about it being illegal? I just see it as a fancy alternate internet tool. It’s much slower than normal, but necessary at times.