Need a new desktop picture? How about this one? :smiley:

If you guys want more, I might make others: like US staff, Australian, European…

Full size:

Les meilleurs membres de staff :wink:

If you’re wondering about the skin… It’s a long story… So don’t ask… But I will say this, I am not a brony >_>. I can promise you that.

Anyways, nice work Guibo!

Ahaha, yeah I was wondering where that skin came from! Not sure if I can change it though, didn’t make it on photoshop (I should have).

Thanks anyways!

I have changed it back to my original skin if you would rather that one XD (Personally I wouldn’t mind if you did… but it’s your choice haha).

There you go! :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I owe you one XD

Great job guibo! 8)

British staff?

Next on my list is american staff. But I need to check with staff who’s actually american, some people I have doubts so I need to ask.

British will be easier though: Ouhai, Liam, Buster, Octo, fatso I think. But I don’t want to miss anyone.

(technically I’m british staff from may to september)
And I won’t be part of team canada from dec 2014… :frowning: last year…

I think that’s all the British staff, what did ya use to make this?

Nova skin for the characters and preview on my mac. Simple stuff :smiley:

I might use Photoshop from now on to make the rest of them.

Full resolution:

For the American staff you should split it between West/East Coast (or timezones if you wanna get fancy) :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a us one xD


But there’s so manyyyy of you :smiley:

Going to work on it :slight_smile:

Indeed. i would enjoy one

You could have a scottish, uh, anything, and have me.
All alone.

This is the sh*t

I love these lol