Canada.... the funny section

Im sorry, but i saw this on a Meme website and was like that is too good to not share.

Ok I rofled XD

God shad. Why… You just got my in trouble. I just died in Computer Concepts.



very good

You're looking at a very proud Canadian who's very proud of the education system in Canadia. I think it's the bestest of all 17 countries.


Someone do a british one

British Police

British schools

British Food

British Army

British People

British Weather

About right?


British Jokes


Pretty much. Just add fish and chips, red double decker buses, various forms of damn fancy hats (Top hats, bowler hats, even flatcaps) and some umbrellas and wellies, then you’re there.

Idk why, but I always think of the river Thames when I think of England

British Police

British Schools

British Food

British Army

British People

British Weather

Brits Abroad

British Buses

British Trains

British Oil Companies

British Dog Walkers

British Teeth

Dude that bus picture is from the 7/7 bombings you do know that right?


Not all buses in England get bombed guys just to clear that up

ruby I just took a closer look at that picture and I can see two dead guys D:

Don’t be silly! They’re just sleeping!