Can we BAN End Portals?

I’ve had enough trouble helping other players get unstuck from them and recently I got trapped in one again. I seriously think we need to consider just removing them for a temporary time no matter how pretty or necessary that they are for functions of Survival.


I think it would be good to get rid of end portals if people keep getting stuck in them, and it is a pain for staff to keep helping the people that do get stuck. The warps need to be used instead of the portals.

We dont even need the portals, we have /warp end, and /home, the portals are basically useless

I would say that it is a great idea to get rid of them. I know that me myself have gotten stuck in them and had no idea what to do at first. With out going on minechat and getting tped from there idk what I would have done and how long I would have been stuck there.

I don’t see any reason to have end portals. They’re a waste of space, and the market exists to give players those end items you cannot receive easily without going on an adventure. I also think it should be temporary, since those items, from the end, will run out of stock, if the chests are not refilled.

It’s a great idea but would it completely remove the block or disable portals from spawning? Just asking because there have been times where I use them as a structural element in creative for certain things.

Cant we just keep them but disable the portal function (like has been previously done with nether portals)?

I agree with @Mannriah as people do use them for decoration sometimes and it stops people from getting stuck whilst trying to go through them. If they can no longer be used for decoration, there will probably be complaints from the people that do.

You can block the decorative ones with invisible blocks

I believe that the problem with end portals won’t happen in creative, as the glitch is probably caused by going into the end world, which the creative map doesn’t have.

This is exactly where the problem occurs. There shouldn’t be any other end portals in survival anyway, cause the only way to do that would be with w/e which is obviously, not allowed.

The ones in creative are the ones causing issues.

So just to be clear, the problem is occurring with portals in Creative? That’s really weird… It may just be a bug with spigot, when andy gets back we’ll update and see if it works.

IIRC placing command blocks is blocked, is that a “delete when placed” or a “scan and delete all existing” thing? If the latter, maybe add end portals to the blocked list?