Can I save the Lobby?

Hey, I really like the lobby and would like to be able to build there, but I can’t. A mod on there told me I should come on here and ask if I can save it to single player world, so how can I do that? Thanks!

If I’m not mistaken, the only people allowed to build there are mods+ or trusted+. Last year or 2 years ago, there was a sponge incident.

I am just wondering if I can save it so I can build on it. I won’t be uploading the changes onto the server.

I don’t see why not.

as horrifying as that was, it was kinda funny at the same time… that sponge was HUGE

Basically, you would have to ask Andy or Spec to upload a copy of the map to mediafire or dropbox and have you download the file.

To clarify, which server are you talking about?

If SMP/CMP then you will have to do what John just said.

If you are talking about classic (which is what I initially assumed) then you can download WoM Client (google it, although I think its actually broken at the moment - until the next update at least) and there will be a “Dump map” button on it, which will save the file to somewhere for you to access in single player. I don’t know where the map saves, or how you access it however.

On CMP/SMP no. It requires a special client, usually involving other forms of hacks. We do not allow heavily modified clients like that. I don’t really think this is a huge problem, but from what I have read and heard, it usually involves a hacked client of some kind.

Sip, what are you talking about?

He wants to play the map in singleplayer…

Exactly. There are clients that save the chunks so that you can play it in a single player world. I am wary of this if he happens to actually want to play on the server itself as well, because there are usually hacks included in such clients. Of course I could be completely wrong and look like a total fool.

I, like others, can make saves of the area but cannot access the files I create. The only ones who can are Special or Andy. Spec is busy for the next few weeks he said, so you might catch Andy around. Perhaps a PM asking them to do this for you?

Ok, how can I contact Andy?

You have to try private messaging them. _specialk or _andy. If you must, you can search for their username to find a post they did. The talk bubble next to their avatar should let you write to them.

Edit by 05: Fixed spec his name.