can I have a new rank?

insted dirt minner can I have mechanic cause i’m realy good with redstone pls. :slight_smile:

That isn’t set by anyone. The rank you are talking about depends on the amount of posts on the forums you have.

liam has 1200
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Sorry pal, ranks on the forums depends on how many posts you have. The more posts, the bettrer the rank. I wanna be cake baker though

Start posting!!!


While it’s true those are automatic, I can change all of them.

If someone can provide a good list of new, fun titles. We might change what is there. Dirt miner is getting old eh?

I like being a bedrock miner :smiley:


dude wtf…

i put it back ;3

We currently have 11 different titles. A new one for every 100 posts. I would love a long list to have a lot of variety in titles. Also, the previous cap was 1000. We should have more past this now.

Submit some ideas!

9000+=super saiyan

checks rank
There’s gold in dem hills!