Camp half blood

If you read or seen the Percy Jackson series you would love this. I will need a forest and lots of wood and wool, also water, this to make the cabins. Hope you come! 8)

Show some screenshots man! I would like to see it.

Also, how can we come if you don’t tell us where it is?

This is because I have not decided yet, I need help doing so and I have not started it yet!

ill help if i can get on i got plenty of materials to make stuff

Even though I have never read any of the Percy Jackson books, and never seen the movies, I would love to help with the project :D. Put a picture from Google Images or something and I can easliy help :D!

I don’t how to put pictures on however type in camp half blood on google images.

so when we doin this?

We could start today?

ok any time just say it and ill be there

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