I have thought about this idea for a while and I don’t know if it has been done yet, but it would be an awesome thing for people if we could make a Lord of the Rings themed town, with hobbit holes and elven castles and dwarven kingdoms mixed in together or one area could be a hobbit shire town and another area would be elven kingdom and be connected by bridges, etc.

If anyone would like to help make this town please respond to this topic or even tell me on mc chat i only have one person up to help with this.

Sounds very unique! I would love to help you! :smiley:
<3 koalamama

are u doing this on the survival server?

yep! a survival town all nerdy and LOTR themed :slight_smile:

i got a few builds i need to finish up first but medevil is my fav style and im good at building hobbit homes, (my mansion started as one) so i might join you in the future. good luck for now.

I will help I love Lord of the rings and so dwarves hobbits Elvis orcs. dragons??? I don’t really know how we would go about doing that but I’m sure we could figure out “and Bilbo if there is a live Dragon in thare don’t wake him up”

another movie themed town? hm I don’t know why not.

I would definitely help you with this! I don’t know much about LOTR but it sounds like a fun build!

Is there a warp for this town?

Sadly no :T I need to find an area and as well as get supplies to build some buildings first.