Sadly I must i must quit pcb/minecraft in general. I have extended my hours where i work and I am going to do some physical activities.The next time you see me on it will probably not be me for i am selling my account at a fair price. I have gave all my money to Metazealot for Farcoast. As for my things they will also go to the FCA/Farcoast. Metazealot I hope you do whats best for Orlaith and all of it things and secrets if you dont know where the storage for it is i can get on and show unless someone else knows where it is.

Bye Project City Build you have been one of my favorite public servers.

Good bye dear friend :’(

Dragon where do you want to hold you’re passing party?

Dragon has been demoted due to the selling of his account. Hope to see you back sometime on a new/old account. Good luck Dragon !!!

wow. sad day, Dragon, i will miss you dear friend. hope to see you soon with Myth.

This is so sad. And i just came back to… I will miss bunches :frowning:

Adios Amego. Hope to see you on again at some point. If you ever want to just chat with me you’ve got my steam/skype. It sucks to see you go and I wish you luck.

Bye :frowning: :frowning:

I really wish u were not going.:(:frowning:

Wow …
Well have fun with life and always remember…

I… I…

this is so sad ;( bye bye. i hope your future player wont get banned.

Dude, we will all miss you. Hope you come back and check in some time, and good luck with your art!

Bye :confused:

I wish you the best with your future plans. I hope to see you around on the forums or dynamap at some point, you will be missed by the community here. :frowning:

I will miss you… Goodbye dragon… :’( :’(

aw :frowning: Bye dragon. this IS sad. ;( I wish you luck on his future endeavors. Hope you get to come back soon! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: