Buying Windows 7

I am looking to partition my new linux’s hard drive to run Windows 7 on the side (primarily to play minecraft because I can’t get java to work on my copy of ubuntu but also to play ancient windows games my brothers windows 8 laptop won’t handle) and I wanted to know where I can actually find a copy of Windows 7 these days. Since you guys are all technology wizards, I thought you might know.

I also had another question - my linux actually has two hard drives, how complicated would it be to install windows 7 on one and keep linux on the other and how would you then switch between which one you are using? Is it easier just to split one hard drive and leave the second one as it is now (which is operating as an automatic backup of the first).

Well you can probably still get it at most computer stores, but have a search around online too.
It’s probably worth checking ebay too.

Nahman, go XP, cheaper, simpler, and smaller.

All the computer stores around me suck. They only carry the upgrades(From Windows(whaterver) Down). No fresh installs.

My OS is based on Ubuntu 12.04 and I used this guide to get java installed I’m pretty sure it’s still relevent for newer versions and it’s the easiest way to install it setting up a repository. If you still can’t get it working and decide to get windows 7. I know a website you can get it pretty cheap… [size=8pt]

Also regarding your other question. It’s always easier to install a separate OS on a separate hard drive. Also when you startup your computer you would choose which drive to boot from. That would be how you switch between the two. But if you choose to install Windows on the same hard drive you will have to deal with the issue of Windows replacing grub with it’s own boot loader so you have no way of booting into Ubuntu until you replace grub. You might also have to deal with changing the size of the partition you have Ubuntu installed on which could result in data loss blah blah blah. It’s just easier and safer to install it on a separate hard drive. So when you install Windows it will ask you which drive to install it on and all you have to do is make sure you choose the one that Ubuntu isn’t on.

You can buy Windows 7 from online stores quite readily. You can also get the download of Windows 7 from Microsoft themselves for free, but you must have a key to activate it.

I think Grey summed up the other question quite well, infact probably better than I could have. I have always installed Ubuntu after my Windows installation, and GRUB always replaces the Windows bootloader, and it makes sense the reverse happens as well. If you do put it on the other hard drive, you must change which drive you want to boot to on startup, and it may not prompt you which one

Really? i was taught that when you partition a harddrive, you put your main OS on the C:// drive, and put the second OS on the partitioned side, this way the computer will ask you what OS to boot during the boot process. This has always worked for me on my laptop when im playing around with Fedora.

He is talking about either partitioning or having two physical drives with different OS’s. How it will prompt you is different.

ah, gotcha. well like i said a partitioned drive that holds your two OS’s and a seperate one for just data would be what i personally would use. this is just me though, im not near the Otaku Sip is.