Buying Diamonds - Great Offers

[size=15pt]I’m willing to buy diamonds, and there is nothing more really to it. The more you offer, the more money you’ll make per diamond. I will buy all you’re willing to sell.

Post below, or contact me in game.

Diamond Count | Price /each
1 - 20 | $53
21 - 40 | $54
41 - 60 | $55
61 - 80 | $56
81 - 100 | $57
101+ | $58

Pretty good prices I say.

Darn, and I only have 9 legitimate ones. I need to play more.

I have 4-8 via the market…ive given 2 away to a new player who seemed to be having trouble fending off monsters while she was getting wood.

Dont worry, I buy unlegitimate diamonds, too! :smiley:

I think I will pursue this offer. Let us discuss a deal in person.

*Waits at the nearest Starbucks for Meta to arrive, to discuss diamond sale.

Pulls out Briefcase with computer and /Money pay command in hand*

*Walks in, does 17 unecearry backflips, robs everyone with a water gun
*Casually leaves with 500 diamonds and a briefcase filled with money… While sipping a Chai Tea Latte through a bendy straw

welp PCB has transformed into a drug dealer nest
time to leave