--BUY 'n SELL--

[size=14pt]Our Founding…
Months ago, Buy 'n Sell was founded to give supply and fair prices when others were not. Since then, we have still kept true to our promise. We have given 10s of players jobs and the ability to grow on the server buy buy all the items we sell. We’ve allowed players to have trust in us, knowing we are giving the lowest price possible.

BnS has always been the innovators in the marketplace. We’ve created many new methods than many doubted would work. However, through our hard work and determination we succeed. Here is a list of just some of the innovations we started and/or created:
-First to buy all items we sell from others
-First to have a welcome jingle
-First to develop the window display
-First to play music in our store
-First to fund non-profit charity

From many of our accomplishments, you know BnS is constantly thinking of ways to help improve your shopping experience. We strongly encourage others to inform us on how we can do better.

[size=14pt]Future Plans…
BnS has many great ideas planned for the future to help you have a better shopping experience. Here is list of just some of our planned expansions:
-A Buy 'n Sell in every major town
-Increase in worker’s wages
-Create BnS factories
-Lower prices on most popular products
-Help new players start in PCB survival

I would like to personally thank you for all the help our customers have given us. Through your support and much appreciated business, we have become what we are today and strive to what we’ll be tomorrow.

Do you seriously mean that single chest by the door? That’s hardly charity…

Do you think that town owners are going to just let you pop down a shop and start raking in the cash? You’re going to need some sort of revenue deal - a lot of town owners already own shops!

A single chest by the door? I was doing that in beta 1.7…

Yep, there’s a charity donation box right as you go in the door. Normally I wouldn’t set foot in the shop but I discovered that somebody was buying diamonds for more than ferr sold them ;D

Im not just talking about that chest, BnS actually bought/donated houses materials and tools to new players. Some things donated include:
-Fully paid for home
-Brand new Eff IV Unbrk III ST I Shovel
-Stacks of logs

I know we can go into major cities, well buy land like everyone else. My next city and Farcoast will hold stores and perhaps Valandia.

as long as you are staying out of my city with ur shops I’m ok with it

Can I just point out that in my opinion, BnS has actually damaged the economy. To compete with the shop you have to sell your stuff at ridiculously low prices. If somebody sells stuff for less than BnS prices are lowered which eventually sends them spiralling down. Let’s take diamonds: a pretty good example as they are quite rare. If I were to open a shop selling diamonds for less than BnS the prices of BnS would be lowered, so I would have to lower my prices again, so Ferr would lower his prices again, so I would have to lower my prices again - and before you know it prices reach $1/diamond.

We were actually the first to start paying players for items, which actually helps the economy, and havin lower prices helps players afford more goods. Also, the price of diamonds has actually gone up.

Before, players would have a surplus of items they wouldnt need, and nobody to sell them to, because of this people has less money and that is what made the economy bad.

Speaking if having shops in cities, I was thinking if there was a way to sync all the shop chests to the other stores. Like your stone chest would sync with all the other labeled stone chests you have in your market.

No, Ferr wouldn’t lower his prices, he would just buy you out. :stuck_out_tongue:

He would buy you out, and sell to the people with higher asking prices therefore nearly bankrupting people for the sake of money and profit :stuck_out_tongue:


Buy 'n Sell is now raising wages for all products, but keeping prices the same. We are raising wages from 60% sale price to 70% sale price (14% pay raise).

Workers, expect to be making more money
Buyers, expect us to have more stock

–Thank you

If people think Ferr’s shops are unfair in some way, or have gotten too large, there is no reason that the voice of the people cannot influence change. Ever heard of Unions?

What is sounds like is the common argument against stores like Wall Mart. People complain that such stores rob all other business in the area and ruin economies. Ferrarri himself suggested that he needs competition/a second opinion on the economy reports. Others don’t have to be as business minded as Ferr, but can still work the market in their favor.

I believe Ferr is driving the economy. This can be taken as a bad thing as it sounds like he controls it, but it isn’t. Before he came along, market shops were kinda underused. Now people have a better single standard for their own pricing too.

Ferr is also not as cut-throat as this thread has suggested either. I do not believe Ferr would undercut others to the point to making something worthless. Heck, try to make him do that and then buy his cheap stuff! Markets change and then you cash in on your competitor!