Buy 'n Sell Surplus Store

Finally!! There is now a store that not only sells goods at unbeatable prices, but buys them for unbeatable prices too! Our most popular items are always stocked, ready for you to pick them up. If there is a product we don’t carry that you desire, let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the store.

Here is an example of our prices:
64 Coal: Buy for $30 | Sell for $24
10 Iron: Buy for $40 | Sell for $32
10 TNT: Buy for $60 | Sell for $48
64 Wool: Buy for $10 | Sell for $8
64 Redstone: Buy for $15 | Sell for $12

…and much MUCH more! Visit us today!

[size=24pt]Look for the beacon!

Dang those are some competitive prices! Buy buy buy!

(Note: I was not paid for this message… hint)

lol thank kyle.

If there any suggestions on making your experience even better, please post below ;D

Looks like my TNT empire has some competition! *Stashes away 100 tnt to blow up ferraris store.

Oh god, Ferrari watch out…

(Spec likes to play with tnt, so you know it…)

Only 100?

Tsk tsk. I’m disappointed Spec. You’re slacking. You changed maaaaannnnn. Bro. Dude.

You’re tnt shop has been out of stock for a while :3