Building too close to clarita???

Heyo! I know… I did stuff in the past. I am really sorry for that. I truly am. But, I have an honest ban here. Okay so, Endergirl70
Were asked nicely to move away from clarita by Claudia and I. We Asked 12 times on record to move. But still, The refused. I don’t understand why. Now I have come to ask, Can you please tell them to move away??? If you could, That would be great! But if you can’t. I understand. I’ll send the cords and let you guys make the judgements. Thanks for looking at my bad request!

Edge of clarita: 5004.121 / 71 / 2942

Unknown building: 5615.359 / 75 / 3165

That makes it over 650m away. By PCB rules, the minimum it has to be away is 200m. It’s about twice as far away from Clarita as Ceres is from Wysteria, and @Her__Peas hasn’t complained as of yet.

Endergirl refused because you have no real ground to justify the order.
And it’s real hard to move a building, btw.

I will see if I can move it, as we’re on a new map and there’s plenty of space.

Alright. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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