Building a Shopping Outlet At The Dome!

Yeah. so i’m building a block of shopping outlets that people can buy out and trade stuff with other people.

I’ve been givin permission from jgja1 , but i’m not 100% sure if i have permission from the owner of the dome (hard24get).

Is this a good idea for a building or should I just scrap it? :-\

Thanks ;D

Before you start you should make sure you get confirmation that its ok from hard

From what I heard, Jgja bought the rights to the dome from Hard. Jgja should have the authority to allow any changes. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

Ohhh. That kinda makes sence…
LOL :o
Um wtf i did not right this
Fishy must off can you please ban him from server

LOL :o

I don’t understand what you meant by that post fishy_mole1.

Why do you need my permission? You bought the dome from me, you can do whatever you like to it

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