Building a computer

Hi everyone, I’m finally getting sick of a laptop and am thinking of building a PC from scratch. Heres my current choices, let me know what you think of them.

CPU Core i5-2500 $209.00
Motherboard AsRock P67-Ext4 $179.00
Ram GSkill 8GB 1600 $99.00
Graphics 1GB 6950 Gigabyte OC Edition $279.00
HDD Samsung Spinpoint 1TB $59.00
SSD OCZ Agility 3 Series 120GB $259.00
DVD Drive Samsung Sata DVD $29.00
Power Supply Corsair TX 750 $139.00
Case Coolermaster HAF RC922M $129.00
Case Fan Coolermaster Megaflow $35.00
CPU Fan Coolermaster 212+ $33.00

Total price: $1449 AUD

It is a bit pricey for a mid range build…

Just looking at this, it looks great. I’m surprised you are going for a solid state drive, but that is awesome. It’s even a big one. I wondered why it was so pricy, but I see your getting the case, cooling, and solid state. When I shop, I just use some of my previous parts.

What about a monitor and peripherals? Got em already?

:)Looks good… where do you buy parts in Aus? Just make sure you want to get the ssd now, if you wait they will come down much more in price soon I think. I built a computer for my grandpa with very similar specs including the ssd, just with older gen cpu… with that build you should be more than happy… also depends what games you play, if not very gpu intense get a better cpu or motherboard.

i found a corsair jump drive on the street the other day ;D

I would leave out the SSD and reallocate that money to upgrading the CPU

r33bok, use that again and you’re going with them…

Yeah but if you really want an ssd for the speed you should defiantly get it, but i would wait for the price to come down, thats what im waiting for.

Hmm it is tempting to ditch the SSD, but Im thinking I should buy good parts now, and mid range CPU, motherboards, and graphics cards so I can upgrade them every few years.

Spijca I’m buying these parts from MSY, PCCaseGear and Centrecom. They’re all within a 10min drive from my house. I’m gonna be broke soon…

Kyle why are you suprised about the SSD? I know it may be a bit excessive in size, but 550mb/s sounds so tempting

Plus it makes andy jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

First epic lol. Depends what you store on the ssd, if you just do programs and windows itself 64GB should be fine, and they do make the Agility 3 in 64GB, but if you have LOTS of programs and want to do programming and photo editing off the ssd then yeah 128GB for sure.

OH and if you wait like 7 months (kind of a while) you can get Ivy Bridge which will be amazing, that’s what Im waiting to upgrade my computer from my old stinky E8400 OC’ed of course.

do you mean Ivy Bridge? This one is Sandy Bridge with the B3 stepping fix for the motherboard.

I just bought it all, and it looks epic. Minecraft at 120fps here I come!

Oh yes I mean Ivy Bridge, just saying more than 120tfps considering I get about 100 on 3 year old hardware. Can you post pics when its done? Haven’t seen any new computer hardware in a while. Plus its cool to see other peoples builds :slight_smile:

Special, I was surprised because of the high price of SSD and because of the size. Sipjca summed it up quite well. I want one too, but will wait for a while longer.

You mentioned that your idea was to buy good parts, and replace the others over time. It’s not a bad concept, but I thought the motherboard and CPU would be the focus of that plan. They are by far the most expensive parts (usually).

Have fun!

I just read this and did not understand a word of it.

I just assembled everything, and its awesome! Boots up Windows to a usable state in under 20 seconds. Minecraft plays at 300fps :slight_smile: Looks even better on a shiny new LED monitor too. Time to do some study…

O man, that sounds amazing, its the ssd that really gets it up and running quick huh? What monitor did you get im looking for a new one?

i just grabbed an ASUS VE247H, its a 24 inch LED monitor. Nothing fancy at all but it was $190 at MSY.

That’s pretty awesome, i’m guessing you put your OS on the SSD?

That’s the monitor im thinking about, and hard may potentially get it, would you recommend it?