Builders Wanted!

Hi guys!

As you may know I am almost finished with my shopping mall in Montmorency, and I need YOUR HELP to furnish some of these stores!

I have gone through and marked out some store spaces where you guys can come in and build whatever store, restaurant, or whatever else might be in a mall! These spaces are marked with an orange sign. Example

Please comment down below what you plan to build and where you want it and I’ll get you started!

PLEASE NOTE ; The city of Montmorency and the mall have been built using GREENFIELD Texture Pack. To build your store I ask that you please use this pack. If you are unable to use it, please let know.*

Thank you! Cant wait to see your guy’s stores!

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I can make a JCPenny’s (American Retail)

Could you maybe do a Macy’s? I already have one built.

Maybe I can build one of my Trieste caffé

I would like to help on the furnishing of the stores, I can make a cafe or a bookstore for the mall, Im only an amtateur builder but I can still build things neatly.

i can but give me not a too big space

Hey Max! Unfortunaly, Buns has left our community and I believe this project has been abandoned. However you might be able to contact Totqility as he has taken over all of Buns projects.


Hey! Im Totqlity but most people call me Tot.

Buns’ old mall is located in the city of Montmorency (/warp Montmorency) which is not a city that I lay claim to. I’ll talk with the owner of the city to see if he still wants the mall to be worked on or not. Ill get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for your time, Tot