Builder requesting an op?

So there is someone online right now(a builder) requesting an op and I said I could maybe get a hold of one. (builder is muddyducky29) so if you’re reading this close to the time when its posted then it would be great if ya could come online :wink:

Remind people that requesting for Op In-Game is a bannable offense, and tell them that they can create an account on the forums, and apply for op from there.

Okay XDD

John I think you misunderstood. The player was requesting to see a member of staff, not be promoted to Op I think.

Ahh, I see, never mind, however, in the rules of the classic server what i posted is true, but requesting to see an op is not bannable obviously! Sorry that i misread it the first time…

Yeah, thats what I meant XP

I got the same problem as anima we need more CLASSIC operators NOT smp/cmp operators

SMP/CMP staff are classic staff also. Just most don’t get on the server much. Keep in mind that all the staff are volunteers and do have lives outside of Minecraft. Most people are back to school, college, university, work etc now, so you will have to be patient.

idk if you need one now or what, but i am coming on now :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not verry bussy and im everyday on classic

Suuuuuuuuure we do

lol yeah especially ggg :wink: snicker snicker