Build Project: Slime Grinder

I have been wanting to make a full size mob grinder slime grinder for a while now. I will choose a location and post the coordinates. Any help will be much appreciated.

For now, post if you want to help and I will send you a message when we’re ready to start. It will be open to the public when done.

I like the idea, and can support you with the meager supplies I have. I have been donating to the new fortress project so I have a little less to donate. I will help if I see you online.

I will help :smiley: Will it be a lava-blade style one, or piston suffocation grinder?

I would love to help as well, I just dont have a lot of materials as Kyle said for himself.

Aw come on i am already making my 22x22 mob grinder


This will actually be a slime grinder. Me and Vladen32 are already in the process of finding a slime-spawning chunk, and then we will begin work on it.

I may be able to help with finding that chunk, I made a huge mine a while ago, which I no longer use. Could possibly adapt that?

Rei’s minimap has an option that helps find which chunks are slime spawning chunks. they are highlighted in red

Uh well you see, it’s already done. Me and Vladen32 spent about 5-6 hours and are pretty much finished with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and Goof finished but we still have some adjusting to do. Also we are planning to make it more inefficient by making it longer. So stay tuned.(Also we have to fill caves in with water.)

i myself use that minimap :smiley:

add some screeny’s when ya done be nice to see :slight_smile:

No Vlad. Inefficient = bad. Efficient = good.

you know what i mean.

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