Build Contest!! [Winners Listed]

A building contest to see who could make the best residential skyscraper (between 35 and 50 blocks high) made of easy to find, and simple materials like: stone, sand, logs, glass; and not like: diamond blocks, brick (clay), obsidian. The dementions are 20 by 18 with a little grass area on the side. You can view this area in Middlebury on the northern side of the current towers.

Anywhere in creative, best tower will be built and become part of the Middlebury skyline.

From now (4/3/13) until the 15th

To help the community help build Middlebury! Also to make the server more active.

1st Place - [glow=red,2,300]MattyC164[/glow]
-Creation made in survival
-$1,000 cash
-Penthouse (or the equivalent of) in their building

2nd Place - [glow=red,2,300]Hard24Get[/glow]
-Creation probably made in survival
-$250 cash
-Penthouse (or the equivalent of) in their building

3rd Place - [glow=red,2,300]Animangastar101[/glow]
-Creation possibly made in survial
-Penthouse (or the equivalent of) in their building

If you wish to enter, post below. I will be judging these entries based on: practicality, materials used, and most of all, appeal! You can use anything to build, includind WE. The winner will not be responsible for recreating the building in survival, but may help if they’d like.

Thank you, and happy building! :smiley:

That is quite an interesting idea - create an awesome build in creative and have people build it for you in survival… Good luck to all the entries!

Okay I’m in.


I think I might try :slight_smile:


ok im in bud

I would if i was on long enough :L

I’m up for it!

That picture reminds me of Ital’s mansion that he made once. This is a nice competition idea, I’ll be interested to see the entries.

I also am joining the contest but no in hopes to win but just it will be something to pass the time and look pretty in guestcity.

I’m in.

K, now that hard’s in, I just might forfit ._.

bump to show winners

Did we need to finish the building?

And my Tower?? My beautiful Invisible Tower???


^ then why is matty’s building no where near finished?

Thanks for making me winner ferrari :slight_smile: