Budapest 2024 - Olympic Park

Guys, as you know, we start the construction today of the Olympic Park. We will finish it as soon as possible to start the Budapest 2024 Games (It will happend in 2016 :)). This is an important moment for us, and to be better we hope you can help. You can help in two ways: 1 - Help to build the Olympic Park (Of course, if you want). 2 - Help in choosing the modalities answering this post (We are thinking about do like: Swimming, Individual Canoeing, Group (2) Canoeing, Athletics, Elitra, Redstone and Leap into Slime Block. Of couse you can suggest another modalities!)

Thank you so much,
Tuzao (BDA Owner and one of the Budapest 2024 Games organizer).
Sorry for language mistakes! :wink:

Awesome! I would be glad to help :smiley:

I’m Happy to you guys out! just pop me a mail :slight_smile:

Hi think its a wonderful idea.

Btw could you add BOW shooting in the olyimpics?!


We will surely add how to the olympics!

Good idea


Esteavo, Tuzao, and other admins for the upcoming 2016 Budapest Winter Olympics, can you add Ice Racing. If you are confused on what that is, Ice Racing is a race where players go on boats, on top of ice. When you move your boat straight, your boat goes really fast (faster than flying). I have a race track specifically for this sport, and it was used in the previous Olympics, in Portland.

Really good idea, Brood, if we don’t have space for a track, we will contact you :slight_smile:

Brilliant Idea Brooding! Thanks!

Tuzao (BDA Owner and one of the Budapes Olympic Games organizer)
Sorry for language mistakes! :wink:

Guys, we’ve started the Olympic Park this weekend and we have completed the stadium, Olympic Swimming Pool and the Archery Building! We have brand new sistems that will make the games the best and the fairest! We hope you will really LOVE the games!

Tuzao (BDA Owner and one of the Budapest Olympic Games Organizer)
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Hey guys! We are searching for a date to the Budapest Olympic Games Opening Show. It will probably] be in October!

Thank you,
Tuzao (BDA Owner and one of the Budapest Olympic Games Organizer)

Sorry for any language mistake! :wink: