Budapest 2024 Olympic games (2016)

 Budapest 2024

As many of you know, the last summer olympics were host in Portland. If you don’t know, Budapest (IRL) is a candidate city for 2024, and, for make an incentive for the city, we are hosting the 2024 olympics (but yeah, in 2016) in Budapest (ig). We’re planning to use the same logo as IRL, and make the best of the games for you guys in NOVEMBER. The date is not confirmed yet, but the planning for the olympic park and olympic fire is already been made. All cities on PCB can send athletes to compete on the games, that can be from swimming to parkour and other varieties of games :slight_smile:

Post below the name of the city and the name of the athletes to confirm the presence on this event,

Thank you for the attention and sorry for my bad english


isn’t 2020 somewhere in between? in Tokyo

Yea it is xD

Just remembering, Athletes, make sure to post below :slight_smile:

You fool 2016 + 4 years = 2020 XD

anyways I want to help with the stadium :smiley:

Sounds like a great idea. I’m up to be an athlete :smiley: I will also help with the Olympic Park if thats okay

I would love to be an athlete and help with the protect!

I will help to Build the Project ;D

City: City of Freehold, of Republic of Bayonne
Athlete(s) competing for Freehold, of Bayonne: BroodingSet (Myself)

It would be fun to help build it, but I would like to participate too

City: my cow town in the middle of nowhere
Contestants: myself and maybe an armor stand of geeawf

I am totally willing to help! Just let me know what I can do! =)

Hey guys! As you know I am one of the Budapest Consul, and I have the pleasure to say that the olympic games will be hosted in Budapest! It is a very special moment in Budapest life and I hope you enjoy the games. The prepare of the Olympic Park isn’t certain yet, but we hope to get answers soon!

Tuzao :slight_smile:

The soon time has come, tuzao!

 We will start the olympic park on this weekend, every1 who wants to help is now recruited, as same as all the athletes :)

 -Este (sorry for any mistakes)

;D ;D ;D ;D
So as we hope, the Budapest Park will be finnaly done in the Weekend! We hope the games will be exciting! I’ll wait for you in the Budapest Olimpic Games 2024! Good lucky!

Tuzao :wink:

City: City of Dan City
Atheletes: Dantosky (me)

P.S: I would like to help with the building of the olympic games :)¨