Bubble5454: 2/4/12

Minecraft Username: Bubble5454
Approximate Date of Ban: 2/4/12
OP Who Banned You: Sacreddeathflame

Reason for Ban: Hacking to find diamonds
Reason for Unban: It was a missunderstanding. He thought that i was hacking because i found so many diamonds, but in reality i fell into a mine and found the diamonds in the mine, i think because a player fell in and died. It was also unjust because he was bothering me too much so i hit him and when he died he banned me. I don’t believe this was because i was hacking but because he lost in the fight, because he has no proof. please give me justice.
Server: Survival

No i dont use x ray or any other hacks!

Wait are you cvking or bubbles???

I honestly didn’t think sacred would ban anybody so soon.

Edit: he has only been mod for maybe a week or so. It really depends what sacred says for the unban to go into effect.

ON i am bubbles5454 but i accidently made the account name cvking213 lol. And im just hoping to get unbanned because i didn’t deserve it.
He only banned me because he lost in the fight. 3 sec. after he died i was banned.

about how many diamonds did you have in your chest anyway?

I had 40 something I think

Maybe i had 50 something

Edit Myth:
you should just edit these kinds of posts together.
Alls good.

well that isn’t enough to say you where hacking, I have about 47 in my chest. I found all that just by looking around in caves and stuff.

cn u unban me

I believe sacred is the only one who can unban you. So unless sacred says you are unbanned then you are still banned

wait all mods can ban and un ban people

Yes any mod can ban and un ban any person, but we trust the mods of this server enough to let them decide if you can be un banned or not. So your going to have to wait until sacred says something.

he thought i was hacking and i said no, then when i killed him he banned me… normally wouldn’t he ban me when he new i was hacking, not when just had a slight suspicion. I was in that cave for litterally hours and then he showed up and just kept quite for 30 min then finally when i kill him he suspects that i hacked to get those diamonds. He was litterally following me, i dont think it takes 30 minutes to figuer if some on is hacking especially when you are right behind them… then i got sick of him following me, and when he died he banned me. He didn’t do it because I was hacking he did it because he died. I don’t hack… I dont even know how to hack and i would think that somebody that had the rank he did should be more mature then to just ban me because i killed him. I think that it’s so childish that he did that.

I really hope that you will find the TRUTH in this situation because i really like this server, and I enjoy playing in it. And I can’t wait for you guys to find that what he did was unjust so that I can continue to play on this server.

cvking/bubbles, it has been said before, when sacred responds a decision will be made. We need to hear both sides of the story before we go jumping to conclusions, I hope you understand we would rather not have a griefer unbanned for potentially longer than anyone wrongfully banned ever has been. We do make mistakes, everyone does, that’s why we have this section.

but it should be innocent until proven guilty. I should be able to enjoy this server until this situation is resolved, and if by then u find that I am guilty of whatever sacred thinks i did then ban me

OKAY Please stop posting until Sacred responds. (Includes everyone) Then you can defend yourself again.

In the mine he was mining in it was a 1 by 2 mine and every now and then there were holes that had diamond ore placed there meaning that he was using a xray mod so i banned him for hacking.

Oh you say I have no proof here’s my proof.

thats not proof because u did it right when i found a diamond ore obviously ur gunna find out that i got the diamond

whats the point in looking where i got the diamond… and u also forgot that i was down there an hour and half befor you showed up… giving me plenty of time to get the other ore… and congrates you only showed that I got 3 diamond thats not proof. Also u even sad that i ran into someone elses mine, and i found some ore that wasn’t taken.

This looks fairly conclusive to me.
bubbles/cvking, it is quite obvious you were using a form of x-ray mod or texture pack here, as there is no way you could mine in a straight line, then every now and then mine straight to diamonds. You would not know where the diamonds were unless you mined into them, or used a mod to see where they were.