This is a new social website. It has a good chance of being better than facebook. Everybody should at least go and make an account to show support. :smiley:
I found it on my stickam with my step sis. So far i have been spending over an hour just looking at all the features.

Why does this seem like its happened before… Deja Vu

Really? Maybe youre thinking about that minecraft facebook thing :stuck_out_tongue:

It was also said about Google+, but no one uses that.

Well, all facebook needed when myspace was popular was for people to move over to facebook. Now facebook is the most popular social site there is… for now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in no hurry to join any of them. I have facebook mostly as a necessity. Many sites allow you to log in using facebook so it is pretty convenient.

Well i just find brydia a bit more fun at the moment. Mostly cuz i can talk to the owner and have a little input on what happens there :3

I will never sign up for a social site with the background looking like this:

xD Lol. It only came up a week or two ago. :stuck_out_tongue: Still being worked on for a bit :3 I’ll talk to the owner and see if he can fix it

??? when i tried to go to it says there is no webpage.

… Ummm Idk what’s going on with that o.o I really hope they didn’t loose the webpage already :stuck_out_tongue:

It is down for me too :confused:

LOL. white background. You could try zooming in, but damn, that is haleriouse.

The site is back up. The owner was fixing some bugs. Idk if that background thing was fixed yet though :stuck_out_tongue: