If you read the title and hissed at it. I have some news for you…

Ill openly admit. Im a brony. Not because im into little kids stuff, more of, I found that MLP (My little pony) actually calms me down and practcally changed my view on life. In one of my threads, i said that i was always depressed and all that junk right? Well since finding out about MLP ive been about 30x happier. Not to mention that some of the music is actually pretty good. (Flutterbomb and Pinkierage).

I understand if you are an anti brony, but honestly, thats more immature than being a brony. Its like being against same sex marriage.

Feel free to hate on this post, but just remember, IDGAF! im happy being me! Ill admit, I quit watching the first time after about 5 min.

Ok first off go to this website to find some awesome music ( )
I like Diamond Dogs myself…

I too am a brony and i recently attended bronycon :3 The most fun part was when bronypoluza was going on and all the great artists came to play their music. I prefer the techno music they make, but sometimes i’m ok with other kinds :stuck_out_tongue:

I no joke was just about to go online listening to some brony music :smiley:

Ya, the techno/dubstep is actually pretty cool.

Honestly, since me first being a brony (first introduced) and now, Ive changed. From a fluttershy to a twilight .-.

I prefer fluttershy but i’m basically an applejack :stuck_out_tongue:

Im going to get yelled at, but i don’t understand you kids some times…

What the fuck is a brony?

I think it means a boy pony, or a boy who likes ponies. I don’t even know anymore

Guys who like the television series “My Little Pony” are generally referred to as “Bronies” (Bro+Pony). My girlfriend tried to get me into that crap. I don’t care if other people watch it, but personally I would rather obliterate my eyes and ears than watch it.

Brony is a combination of the words Bro and Pony, meaning that they are a male who enjoys the show My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic). Its a show originally made for little girls but after a while adult males started to like the show and they ended up being called Bronies. Bronies have stereotypes of being very lonely and perverted with little toy dolls. This of course is a false stereotype for the most of the lot. Type are hated on a lot by most of the internet but slowly but surely people are going to stop giving a fuck. You will find a lot of them playing TF2 cause they like TF2 and so do I, I just don’t care for the show and I am not a Brony, I just have lots of friends who are Bronies.
P.S. Bronies are also falsely known for masturbating to the show and this may be cause of all the pr0n that has come up about the show from other weirdo perverted bronies that have made VERY perverted pictures of the cartoon ponies. (DON’T LOOK IT UP!)

Also I know a lot about the show and about the memes that go with the show and I pretty much know as much as bronies but I don’t personally like the show. I just know this stuff cause my friend is a big brony and tried to get me into it so I watched a few episodes.

Also IMO Rainbow Dash is best pony lol.

i agree with u, i dont even have it on my tv i dont have the tv-channels for that btw thats perfect


I dont wanna live on this planet anymore… Please blow my brains, out, thank you and goodnight.

I dont give a shit if your a brony, but dont go posting brony stuff everywhere…

Lol, this thread is amusing. I have no objection to the Brony thing. Frankly, I’m still shocked it is so huge. I have seen a LOT of random fan works for MLP. There is a surprising amount of porn for it as ninja said. I’m not going to ridicule people for it, but it clearly is not my thing.

The music site you posted actually seems neat. Free music? Some samples I have heard sound good. Music does not conform to age, lyrics might, but a lot of what I have heard so far barely has any words.

All that said, YouTube videos of Bronies is horrifying. I know these are probably just the retards, but damn. The only pony I know of well is Derpy because of the massive controversy caused by the character design.

Epic Meal Time version -

Explanation on Bronies:

My friend is a Brony, he is now a she… just putting that out there.

I looked up my little pony and clicked on the first vid that popped up. After watching 2 minutes of it I contemplated suicide. I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

Okay, I tried what Nam did, that is, look up the first vid in YouTube by that name. The episode was about children doing a gossip column and hurting feelings. Hmm… Well that hasn’t been done before… Plot was obvious as hell.

I can’t understand why adults would watch the show, but I do get why people may like the art or characters. They are nothing more than arch-types for common characters. I think it is the media around the show that really got people interested.

The show is not terrible, as I put it above other recent cartoon network crap a have seen glimpses of (Super Jail for example), but it is not “good”.

Sums it up

Let’s Go and Meet the Bronies

One of my friends, a few of them actually, are bronies.

Now, as for why they watch the show, they said that it isn’t even the show that they like… But the fanfics that others write.

Btw I’m about to break my iPod and its damned auto-correct

Nothing against you, but I still think its fucking weird. Also, nothing against gays - people can do what they want, that’s great - but a guy getting into another guy still seems weird. Get my drift on this stuff?

I’m not going to get into much of a discussion about this. I don’t understand why adults like it, and most of the “bronies” you see commenting on youtube are completely retarded.

Basically what Jape said. Do as you please just don’t post crap all over the forums. I’m somewhat puzzled why you started this in the first place. After reading the first bit of your post my thoughts were “Okay… so…?” Seems like you’re just trying to either cause shit or get attention if I’m brutally honest.