Broken shop sign gives no money?

Ok so i was messing in my shop (imlegos wool emporium) i was making the walls show the colors of the wool when i broke my shop sign and i didin’t give me my money back?Please tell me what is going on!

I think it may be an error or a glitch…if memory serves me right, which is 35% of the time, it should give you your money back. You may not have created a shop sign and thought you did…

correct me if im wrong

I had trouble with my shop signs recently and it was a glitch, Shadowmeire sorted it out for me.
If you had set yr shop right then when you broke the sign you should definately have got yr money back so seems to me yr shop not right yet.

i can take a look at it, but this sounds like a different Glitch altogether from what you and Ka were dealing with Buster. next time ill be on however will be sometime tomorrow when i get my new charge cable for my laptop

I’ll refund you. I believe it’s $100 yes?

Yes, 100 is right. Has this been resolved yet?