Broke my arm :(

Recently I broke my arm in football :-[. I would like to know if there I should know. I typed this with one hand

sorry to hear it dude :frowning: can I sign your cast?

I broke my collar bone doing the same. It sucked. Had so much trouble sleeping at first. I also hope you handle the pain medication well. I got really sick from it.

Good luck and get well soon.

Aye, football is pure deadly. Went in goals, my finger hurt for a pure 3 seconds mate. Watch out lads, don’t play football unless you as ballsy as me, kyle, or will.

Ouch, get well soon :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:

I hope you heal quickly! Fuzzy socks and koala hugs your way. <3

I’ve only ever fractured my wrist, but that was from falling over. I don’t really do contact sports, but breaking your collarbone sounds horrible kyle…

Get better soon please. And I’m asking you nicely.

I didn’t know so many of you broke something! I have a cast on for 4 weeks and i’m continuing to play with the cast on. The doctor says playing after one week is fine.

Your lucky you can have a cast. Collar bones can’t be casted, just put the arm in a sling.

Did I mention the version of football I got injured in was FLAG football? The dude was NOT supposed to tackle. I caught the ball anyway.

Oh wait, keep in mind I have been talking American Football, not Soccer. I know we are stupid for calling these games like this when the rest of the world says different…

I have never broken a bone

touch wood

Sorry to hear that… I’ve only broken my knees a cuple of times… But im not sure how i would feel if i had ever broken my collar bone sounds awful :-\

Sorry for the spellibg (on my phone)

Broke my femur once on a football/soccer goal post. Wasn’t even playing football. It fucking hurt.

No cast for me, just pins which have since been removed after it healed.

When I was in preschool I broke my arm when I decided to take on the big kids monkey bars and my arm fractured when i grabbed it, fell off the bars and landed on the arm causing a breakage (stupid me), never broke a bone during sports though unless you count swinging on the monkey bars a sport.