Bring Back Openttd or Pixelmon?

Ever since ftb has started the openttd server went down because it took up another server slot, but I see the pixelmon one isnt even a thing anymore and I say we should either bring it back, or replace it with Openttd.

Post comments or concerns below.

everything comes and goes. when the slot of ftb is not used anymore something else will probably fill it again.

I think we could run open ttd along side ftb on the same server as I doubt it takes up much cpu time or ram.

The issue is that a map seems to generally complete in about 2-3 days then requires a restart. I could set it up so it auto restarts at a certain year if people want a open ttd server to pop onto every now and then regardless of this 2 day wipe.
Depends how many people actually want it up.

Pixelmon was shut down by THE Pokemon Company (legit), I tried to bring Pixelmon back to PCB over this summer, but by the time myself and other staff members were wrapping up arrangements to reboot it is when it got shut down. Not sure if we can actually use Pixelmon mods now, you might be able to, but there aren’t and will not be anymore Pixelmon updates:

I mean, I’m happy to run it if I can find the appropriate files. The Pokémon company won’t find out and I won’t promote it as an “official” service, that way PCB can’t be questioned.

Sure, if you could setup the auto restart system for Openttd and get the server going that’ll be great, and I know people will play on it.