Brag For Yourself!

This is a forum topic where you put up some of your best builds you’ve built in Minecraft. :smiley: That’s really all, just a place to show the world your work. Could be from PCB, or anything, I don’t care. Show us what you got! Or just say what you’ve made if you want to too! :smiley:

Here’s Mine! :smiley:


Is there a screenshot command for mine craft? or i need something separat? -jav

My carnival back in the good ol days

Lol, yes Jav, just press F2 will take a screenshot, also F1 allows your inventory screen to go away as well so it looks nicer. I uploaded my images to Imgur, then just copy pasted the link is how I put images up here.

Oh, that was a nice carnival. :smiley: Good times

Mmmmm, need to find something… but I have to bag habit of never finishing stuff :smiley:

My first Rocket =)

The Steampunk Town in the last map which I still miss soo hard :’( (it was THE city from last map =) )

My tower!
Aaaaaaaaaaaand I didnt take pics.
That was kinda stupid :<

If you mean in FTB, the map still exists. I just don’t know when it will be up and running again…

Linking my Dark Node images.

It seems my other screenshots were erased. I had shots of my bee farm, and my bonkers lab below the mansion. Over 33 Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panels… 3 Interdimensional Energy Storage Units… 3 Matter Fabricators…

I was proud of those things.

that was is last survival map … i haven’t had any chance yet to download taht map and take steampunk out of it :\

Yeah why not create a Giant black hole using O.o Bees?!?!??!?!?

Nice work everyone, especially love that SteamPunk. :smiley: #Bump

I fixed up my home in the middle of a desert…

that and i make castles in classic :smiley:

For me, no build of mine has yet beaten this:

I’m pretty proud of this.