Brackets PVP Competition.

Hi guys Andy/Mooshroomzpvp (My IGN) here.
So in the past few months, Ive been playing in various PvP kit servers. In each of those servers i noticed something they had in common. Pvp minigames. So im thinking, maybe PCB should host its own PvP Tournament?

So heres my idea:

It will be called brackets PvP Tournament.

Items: Full iron and iron sword and 10 steak. Bow and 10 arrows ( Dont want players to spam the arrows)

So basically there will be a set amount of players, and then everyone would fight each other in a 1v1. Then the people that were killed get to spectate the rest of the game. It would keep going until one person stood up on top. It would be REALLY cool if PCB could implement this type of tournament into the server.

why don’t you host it then?

Last time I heard Farcoast were planning something similar. It’s up to robin or meta if they want to give exact details.

I brought up a while back that Farcoast could possibly host a monthly mini-Hunger Games, not sure about a PVP tournament.

Maybe i should :stuck_out_tongue:
Its actually pretty ez to make one. YOu make a huge box, Make a small room whithn the box with a good place to 1v1 pvp.

The rest of the contestants will be held in small tubes with cakes in them so they wont get hungry :slight_smile:

The really ONLY problem is that if i host it, I will have to announce the times of the event, but i want to make it fit for the people living in different reigion too, so we have a good amount of people! And since i dont know the average time zone of our members, It would be really confusing because no one would be able to get on. LEts say i host it at 11 PM. People living in the UK would be asleep, but people in america would be fine. I want to get all the players I want in this so yeah… It would be awesome if a admin made a news post for it AFTER im done building it :smiley:

I just like the Hunger Games, more chaotic. :smiley:

The hunger games need various plugins, like self filling chests, and i dont think were adding any plugins.

Not for what I’m wanting to do, it’s a mini version.

So what exactly is ur plan?

Haven’t made anything final, but it wouldn’t require any plugins. Need to bring it up to meta.