Borderlands 2 Free Weekend + Sale

Hello PCBers, I wanted to point out the interesting Steam sale on Borderlands 2. I noticed that the 75% off sale includes a 4-pack of the game. $5 per game, so $20 allows someone to gift out 3 copies.

I am getting the $10 pack for the DLC, but I bet some players here are generous and like to share.

For the next 3 days, it’s free to play. Give it a shot and see if you like it!

… I just spent $150 on games, because of deals… =(

Plus, I bought The Crew Gold Edition=D (pre-order)

John I feel you buddy, I spent nearly the same, but yea definitely would recommend trying Borderlands!

Lets not forget the Civ 5 and Bioshock sales!

Oh, and if you do reddits: sub to /r/gamedeals, they post almost instant updates for steam sales/humble bundles ect.

I might buy a 4-pack for the big-build contests actually…

Borderlands 2 is brilliant. I recommend it to everyone. THE LOOT! If you played Borderlands 1, 2 is much better. It actually has a somewhat decent story line. Quite a few twists in there that I wasn’t expecting, and always the dialogue is hilarious.

I may buy some of the DLC’s.

<---- is poor and wants DLCs if someone wants to share :3

Only one i have is Mechro

What is borderlands?

Well you see it’s- Get out.

In all seriousness though, it’s a FPS RPG. It has a cartoony feel and is just an awesome game. Dialogue is hilarious most of the time, you will barely ever get the same item. (Some info on BL2) You’re a vault hunter, in this vault you’re looking for it contains many secrets and your goal in BL2 is to stop Handsome Jack from using the power of the vault for evil things. Did I mention that the dialogue was hilarious? I did? Oh, well… I have one question for all of you then…


I’m sure someone else could describe this game better, but that’s all I got. So, yeah.

not only that, but you get background and storyline elements on the badguy, Handsome jack, to the point that you really hate his guts, but at the same time, love him for his genius, and feel sorry for him, cause of what happens to his … [redacted]

my fave part: I just got a pony made outta diamond, cause you know, im rich.

Just to clarify its a real pony made of diamond.

I can’t think of a name for this diamond pony. i was going to name it Shit-For-Brains, in honor of you, but that just sounds… childish… Hey! maybe? Butt Stallion?

This game is great. just play it

If someone buys a 4-pack, hit me up, please! My ‘copy’ is just Ruby’s on Family Share, so that’s a no-go. xD

I also wouldn’t mind free DLC, like shad :stuck_out_tongue:

Also like Shad, butt stallion has to be my favourite part. Along with:


<----- Doesn’t even have it, never mind the DLC

For those who don’t have it, try it for free now. I got to lvl 8 today and then Yomi joins in. She gives me 16 million. I’m playing Zero this time, but I want to try Mechromancer.

You know, it’s quite easy to dupe money and items. Just trade and crash your game (ALT-F4). You keep your stuff, and they do too.

I’ll take a copy if anyone has one lying around:)

I am just gonna throw 10 dollars in, and grab GOTY Edition. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Downloaded nao, so whenever people are up for it, I’ll play.

I usually play as Zero, but omg Gaige (Mechromancer) is the biggest badass of the game. i defeated Flynt at level 12 with very little effort. Deathtrap saves my ass so much

Got the season pass. £6 ish for the four main DLC’s, not bad!