BorBor Appreciation Post

To Begin this humble topic, May I just say; BorBor.


I cri er tim ;-;

I cri er Tiimmmmaaaaa (Southpark reference)

boar whore

Seriously guys… how do we know that BorBor’s appeal was a joke, and that we’re not just mocking a French guy for not being that good at English…

I think it is harsh to make fun of someone who isn’t good at English. I’m surprised to see how many players would think to do this.

Well, I would assume, by the fact that staff are involved, that they have good solid evidence that the appeal was entirely for a laugh.

If not, well, that’s being absolutely horrible, and I would hope that the PCB community would never bully in that way without any reasoning whatsoever. Not to mention that that is breaking a couple of rules.

Believe it or not, but I researched the account, looked through old forums (earliest I found was 2011) and was surprised to see him typing like someone very fluent in english. At the time, his posts read that he was 15 years old. Being 2011, he is now most likely 20, which brings me to believe that he made the appeal as a joke of sorts. Apologies for anyone offended, or if anyone thinks that we’re bullying- it was just a joke, with a half-decent reason behind it.