Boom Town

Well i was told to post here about my town so here i go :stuck_out_tongue: The town is called boom town, It is located in the desert, not far from spawn. Its not very big right now, but has currently 5 residents, which includes me. Rules of my town, if you want to build something you must ask me and the specific area where you want to build. No griefing at all. No stealing at all.

The town has a tree area, so if you need wood you can go there and cut trees(replant what you cut down so we have more tree’s to cut in the future :stuck_out_tongue: ) and no worries of outside threats, the towns cactus defense system keeps those nasty’s out.

The city currently has 8 buildings + 1 mine. Mine access is only given to residents only because their are A LOT of goodies in there :smiley: We don’t want to give strangers our goodies do we?

We will expand boom town if their isn’t any room left to build to as well.

Tadaa :smiley:

Looking good guys :smiley:

Sounds nice