Bonny Scotland

Tomorrow I go on holiday to Scotland. 9 hour car journey (including stops) and then a week of climbing hills followed by the return journey of similar length.

The middle bit should be fun, but the car journeys…

Anyway this is sort of a notice of absence till next Saturday evening (April 13th)


[move]ITS PRANK TIME.[/move]

You don’t know where my house is :stuck_out_tongue:

tracks ip/tracks phone/tracks etc

I may not know where it is, but I will find it, and I will prank it.

sounds cold. have fun.

Have fun ! We’ll miss ya

pics, or your just taking Holiday from MC XD

That sounds fun! im supposed to be going to Scotland when i graduate.

I’m back :slight_smile:


I’ll leave them as links in case they’re too megahuge.

Wow Nice Pics and Welcome Back

Cool shots! That is one wide camera shot on most of those. Did you end up taking most of the shots, or someone else with you?

Took them on my iPhone. It has a panorama feature :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoyed it, all though hope you brought some thick clothes, it’s been bloody freezing eh?.