bones541: June 2011

Minecraft Username: bones541
Approximate Date of Ban: June 2011
OP Who Banned You: Unknown, Probably Hard24get

Reason for Ban: Greifing due to severe lag on computer causing me to break things.
Reason for Unban: I really appreciate PCB and would like to become part of the family again :-). I understand how it looks, but honestly I have visited many servers now and I really want to come back!

hmm severe lag, but you couldve replaced the blocks

Don’t think I banned you

@Hard: Sorry, wasn’t sure who banned me! Just a guess.

@Ggg: I was coming back to replace the blocks when I got banned-Due to the lag it took a minute or two to realize I had more items then before-but thus was too late.

Bones. Do you know a ka_52 and a jplett

I checked the logs and there’s no records of you recently (asides from the date you first logged in on the 17th of April) which probably means you were banned a long time ago. I also checked the ban records and there’s no name on who banned you or a date as I had to transfer over all player names on our banned-players.txt list into the database for our new system.

Seeing as the logs during the time you would have been banned had to be deleted due to the chunk error incident, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and allow for a second chance.

You’ve been unbanned.

I was thinking that I had no idea who he was…

Andy it seemed not to Unban him, maybe from going from the old broken attempt tp the new working one, when I tried to Unban it failed. I have spoken to him on Irc and isn’t able to get in. Can you manually remove him?

Oops, I accidentally forgot to remove the old banned-players.txt - Essentials plugin was still blocking him. Should be working now