Hey, just a general question, are boats still laggy? because i found two of them in the middle of a desert. Here’s the pic. EDIT: sorry about the other crap, i just did that so the Coords would be fairly visible.

I will go by there later and check them out, Im going to guess that this is in survival.

Its not survival, you could tell its creative by looking at his food bar, its not there :stuck_out_tongue: also he’s flying and the only place you could fly is in creative. But im not sure about boats still being banned on creative…

My bad, i didn’t look at his food bar because i thought it was covered by the fps stuff.

Boats are still banned. Until Mojang says they have fixed the issue with boats causing lag, we will assume it has not been fixed.

Looks like a wild ggg has been here…

sighs yells at ggg. Case closed.

Lock the thread?