BlueMoonRaider - 2013/02/07


Minecraft Username BlueMoonRaider

Date of Ban 2013/02/07
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by bubzoluck

Reason for Ban Well, I joined the server for the first time and I went to the creative world, I broke 3 blocks that were in my way, I was going to place them back after I got out of the “trap” but, I got banned 3 seconds before I could place the blocks back.

Reason to be Unbanned I'm very sorry, I didn't know I couldn't break 3 blocks and place them back. I really want to be unbanned so I can play with my friends, "TrickNick1706" and "tothemax10".

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I honestly don’t remember banning banning you. But I suppose you could have another chance in not griefing. For I am sure it was more than just simply 3 blocks. I most likely warned you and gave you chances to fix the grief but you did not :confused: