Bloxblock: feb,8, 2012 i think

Minecraft Username: Bloxblock
Approximate Date of Ban: Feb 8, 2012, I think
OP Who Banned You: Hard24Get

Reason for Ban: i dont have a clue it said i griefed but all i did was build a house in guest build

Reason for Unban: i have many friends on this server and i would like to come back on and be in the plesant community. i want to join this server and build and play along with all you guys :slight_smile:

extra note: bones is making this cause his account wasnt working just to make sure.
Server: Creative

EDIT KA: Added Staff who banned him.

:O… I don’t exactly remember why I banned you. So your off the hook this time.

Hard it was because he grieved xMychal’s maze I remember from the other day.

ah! now I remember. don’t do that.again. :confused:

i will never do that again im so sorry and thank you fro giving me another chance i promise i will be a good help to this server.

bloxblock ;D

Bones why are you bloxblock

Unbanned. Locked.