andy just wandering how do i spawn the blocks i find it hard to build as i all ways need to mine more blocks.

There is no way to spawn blocks. There is cuboid, but that is restricted. The point of a survival server is survival. We want people to make the materials they build with. It make it that much more impressive when it is done. Real time an effort go into a construction.

I am willing to lend a hand here an there, but never demand we give you stuff, and never expect to get what you ask for. I had someone ask for a bed, so I gave them 3 wool. They can punch a tree! Heck, I might even plant a tree next to them and feed it bone meal.

Such is how Minecraft works I’m afraid


U can always make a cobble stone factory :stuck_out_tongue: . Make a cobble stone thingis then make lava + water = cobble stone . Hit it hard till u get bored and u get infinite cobble stone

U mad survival ? ;D